Sunday, May 23, 2010

Running Diary Mets Yankees

Here at The Real Seattle Sports Blog we are going to do running diaries of Seattle sports. Since the Mariner game already happened we are going to do our first Diary on the finale of the Subway Series. And away we go.

Johan Santana against C.C Sabathia today. Battle of two of the best left handers in the game. C.C Sabathia looks like he is going to eat Santana. Man that is one big hoss.

5:03 PM: John Miller and Joe Morgan are doing this game along with Oral Herschiser. The amount of times that Joe Morgan is going to say "When I talked to x-player today he told me" will be at least 24

5:09 PM: The lineups are brought to you by Taco Bell. Still doesn't make me want one of those beefy five layer burritos.

5:10 PM: Oral Herschiser is one of the best color guys in the game of baseball today. Almost makes up for having to listen to Joe Morgan for the next three hours. Almost...

5:11 PM: Derek Jeter leads off and hits the first pitch for a single up the middle. This man does not age and as far as I am concerened has a legitimate shot at 4000 hits.

5:12 PM: Johan Santana throws his first changeup of the game. Best Changeup in baseball.

5:13 PM: Joe Morgan just said: "When I talked to the players earlier.." And the count is at one!!

5:15 PM: Mark Teixera strikes out for what seems like the 274 time this season. One of the most interesting plots this year is that David Ortiz is playing better than Teixera right now. Ortiz, one of the most chastized men in baseball, has to be loving that... As do all Red Sox fans.

5:17 PM: Alex Rodriguez pops out to second. I have a feeling this will not be the last time I write that sentence today.

5:19 PM: Cialis commercial #1. We are going to see if there are more E.D commercials or Joe Morgan stupid sayings. My money is on Morgan

5:21 PM: C.C Sabathia is a large man. And he just gave up a single to Jose Reyes. That's right a Jose Reyes sighting!!

5:25 PM: What pitch is better. The Sabathia curve or Santana change.

5:26 PM: Joe Morgan is now talking about top spin and how Jason Bay hasn't hit a lot of homers because he doesn't get top spin on the ball. I thought it was because he isn't playing half his games at Fenway. Shows you what I know.

5:28 PM: Ike Davis singles to shallow left center proving Joe Morgan wrong for the 72nd time this year. Derek Jeter makes a smart play, which Herschiser correctly points out in getting the ball back in quick to prevent a run.

5:29 PM: David Wright strikes out for the 59th time this year. Him and Teixera are going to have an All-Star strike out contest. They will have to take the crown from Adam Dunn.

5:30 PM: Angel Pagan pops out to second because.. well.. he is Angel Pagan. Although he was the first person in 55 years to hit an inside the park homerun and start a triple play in the same game. And the Mets still lost. What a game Baseball is.

5:33 PM: For the second inning in a row the Yankees get a first pitch single on a fastball. Hey Johan, start with a changeup!!

5:35 PM: Now up to bat Fransisco Cervelli. It sounds to me like he should be telling me weather to drink a red or white wine with my Filet.

5:37 PM: Cervelli strikes out on a change up. Direct quote from Herschiser. "What a Nasty Pitch"

5:38 PM: Yankee Centerfielders: Joe Dimaggio. Mickey Mantle. Bernie Williams. Kevin Russo??

5:39 PM: ED Commercial #2. Dammit Morgan say you talked to Jose Reyes so you could ask him what his favorite romance movie is! If anyone would say that it would be Joe Morgan.

5:41 PM: Rod Barajas hits the first pitch from Sabathia in the second inning down the line for a double. And that makes three batters that have led off an inning with a hit on a fastball on the first pitch.

5:44 PM: Sabathia blows three fastballs by Jeff Francour. If you are surprised by that at all then you don't follow baseball at all.

5:45 PM: No longer "Lima Time". Jose Lima dead at 37. RIP Jose.

5:46 PM: Sabathia strikes out Santana. In other news the World is still in fact round.

5:47 PM: Jon Miller just brought up Lefy Gomez and Carl Hubbard pitching against each other in the 1937 World Series. I think we need more Jon Miller and less Joe Morgan

5:52 PM: Alex Cora hits a two run single to center field. Joe Morgan "That is what you call an excellent at bat." Because two run singles usually aren't excellent at bats. They are usually sub par at bats.

5:54 PM: Jon Miller. "Alex Cora not a threat to steal.." Two pitches later Alex Cora steals second base. It's ok Jon you still have a while to catch up to Joe Morgan.

5:55 PM: Jason Bay hits a two run homerun. And yes it would have gone out at Fenway too.
4-0 Mets"

6:01 PM: C.C Sabathia hits a single. I get to see him run the bases. Yay!!

6:02 PM: Joe Morgan " Derek Jeter isn't looking like the Jeter of old." Literally two seconds later Jeter gets a single to right field for the 43,875 time in his career.

6:04 PM: Brett Garner hits into a double play. Joe Morgan starts talking about short throws and long throws. No one is paying attention.

6:09 PM: David Wright strikes out again. He pulls ahead of Teixera. Herschiser is making sense again. Joe Morgan take notes!!

6:10 PM: Another first pitch hit off of a fastball from Sabathia. I think the Mets and Yankees have watched film and know how much these two love throwing first pitch fastballs. I would recommend something else. Just a thought.

6:12 PM: Jon Miller is going through all of the injuries that the Yankees are going through right now. Somehow I think the Mets fans are less than impressed especially with the way this team has dealt with injuries the last two years.

6:14 PM: Rod Barajas is leading the Mets in homeruns this year. That's right. Rod Barajas.

6:16 PM: Satana starts the fourth inning off with a first pitch slider. A-rod swings through it for a strike. Hmm.....

6:19 PM: One Two Three inning. Although Swisher his a first pitch fastball hard. Just right at Jason Bay. 4-0 Mets Bottom of four.

6:21 PM: Showing Oral, Jon and Joe. Great suit Jon Miller!! And now Joe Morgan is making up for him saying that Alex Cora is slow and can't steal a base by saying he went on first move and guessed right. Oh Joe

Alright Ladies and Gentleman taking a break for a couple minutes. Btw Lefty Grove was just brought up for the second time tonight.. Yes!!

6:29 PM: Alright I'm back. Jerry Manual is getting interviewed. Joe Girardi said he would but then mysteriously had somehwere to go. Now that they are losing.. Strange

6:32 PM: Of course Oral Herschiser got his first out against a guy who is in the Hall of Fame. That is just so Fitting of his Career.

6:34 PM: Santana strikes out Sabathia. Darnit wanted to see him try and stretch a single into a double and see if the middle infielder gets out of the way, Rashard Lewis style

6:38 PM: Jason Bay doing his best Chase Utley imitation and just hit his second homer of the game off of Sabathia. Now has three homers for the year, two today. 5-0 Mets

6:41 PM: Another seeing eye single for Ike Davis. Dropped in the Bermuda Triangle. Might just be the Mets day.

6:42 PM: It seems like everytime I watch the Mets it seems like David Wright either strikes out or hits a double. Today. 1-3 2 strike outs and a double. Now 6-0 Mets in the fifth.

6:44 PM: Sabathia has given up six runs. He is just hoping Girardi takes him out so he can be the first person to the Buffet line in the clubhouse.

6:46 PM: Jon Miller just said the powerful Rod Barajas. Hahahahahaha!!

6:47 PM: "The Powerful Rod Barajas" just hit a towering... pop-up to Centerfield.. Woo what a shot.

6:49 PM: Oliver Perez was moved to the bullpen for I think the third time this year. Wow, just get rid of him.

6:53 PM: Joe Morgan is talking about a naked cowboy and cowgirl. And seems unphased. Oral Hershicer is lost. Joe Morgan stay Classy.

6:54 PM: Derek Jeter again swings at the first pitch and hits it hard but gets out. He is 2-3 today swinging at the first pitch, but Joe Morgan thinks he should be more patient. I'm at a loss for words.

6:56 PM: David Wright dives and gets Mark Teixera out. 6-0 Bottom of the sixth.

6:57 PM: Sergio Mitre enters for Sabathia. Sabathia already on his third chicken leg. Somebody get the big guy a napkin he was working hard out there.

7:00 PM: Sergio Mitre started with the Marlins. I think there is a rule that if you don't speak English you have to start with Florida. Bud Selig ok'd it.

7:02 PM: Joe Morgan congratulates daughter on next Husband. Jon Miller just quoted Star Trek. Needless to say, not a very interesting game.

7:04 PM: Jason Bay got hit. With a Curveball. And yet the Met's fans are booing. Even though it was a curve ball. And Sergio Mitre threw it. No one should be surprised that this just happened.

7:08 PM: Alex Rodriguez is up to bat 6-0 game. Lets see what happens here...

7:09 PM: Alex Rodriguez pops up in the infield. I was right I did write that again.

7:11 PM: Johan Santana has thrown 16 balls and we are in the 7th inning. He is rolling along.

7:12 PM: As soon as i say that Santana walks Nick Swisher.

7:12 PM: Zem here, BTM is manning the grill.

7:13 PM: Morgan wonders aloud if the Rays can continue pitching well. Don't they always pitch well?

7:14: Instant Replay in baseball. Or are they taking a bathroom break? As useful as it can be, it already brings a slow game to a dead stop.

7:15 PM: A single for Cervelli, its also commonly known as a Ken Griffey JR single. A line drive off the wall that his lazy ass can't hustle around the bases for.

7:28 PM: The Powerful Rod Barajas grounded out, 6-1 in the eighth. With the Mets bullpen, anything is possible.

7:31 PM: Santana is having control problems, just walked Glenallen Hill lookalike Marcus Thames. This is the time of the game where Jeter rips a double.

7:33 PM: Brief aside, does Kyle Lohse ever leave the DL?

7:38: Bombers are knocking on the door. This is about the time A-Rod strikes out.

7:41: Santana does A-Rod a favor and walks him.

7:52: To the ninth we go....this games done folks.

8:04 PM: The bottom 0f the Yanks order is knocking Chan Ho Park's illegitimate son around. 6-2, here comes the hook.

8:10 PM: K-Rod comes in and promptly airmails a curveball over Jeter's head. My money is on Jeet in this one.

8:12 PM: Jeter tattoos a double off the wall, run scores, BTM called it.

8:14 PM: Fan in back just stood up and threw his hat, apparently there are reruns of Cougartown tonight.

8:15 PM: Gardner was safe, at least a tie in my book.

8:16 PM: 6-4, two on, A-Rod up. Orel just used the word circumference....I love this man.

8:18 PM: A-Rod missed a golden opportunity to tie it up. Game ends on the next pitch. Book it.

8:20 PM: A-Rod fouls it off again. Full Count, two outs. Two on.

8:22 PM: K-Rod shows he has more brains than balls, throws two 3-2 changeups and gets A-Rod swinging to end the game. A-Rod gets a hold of that hanger and that ball lands somewhere in the Atlantic.

6-4 Mets. Goodnight Everybody.

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