Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I cannot properly eloquate how awful a job Jim Mora did as Head Coach last year.  Although I did not like the Pete Carroll hiring, I respect his ability as a coach in an X's and O's sense. Jim Mora coached like a spoiled, petulant child, he called out his players in press conferences, bickered about officials, and talked with the false bravado and blind ignorance of a man either consumed or ignorant of his many coaching weaknesses.

As someone who has coached before, I find no shame in getting outcoached. It happens, every coach has been bested at some point in their career. Jim Mora refused to admit his weaknesses as a coach, refused to question the effort of his team and refused to acknowledge the fact that he was coached astoundingly poorly. His defense was overly complicated and utterly ineffective.  What was  most deplorable was his manner after games, as he refused to admit that the team sucked and his coaching sucked.  Instead, he made excuses. I think Pete Carroll is a flake, but I think that even he has a greater sense of accountability than Jimmy Mora.

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