Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Running Diary Mariners Twins 5-31

7:07 PM: Hello everyone BTM here. Zem along side me and we are going to another running diary here. Good pitching match-up today as the Fist is going up against Francisco Liriano. Zem and myself are going to be keeping a close eye on Liriano’s arm slot, as the farther out he is the better he pitches, but the worse it is for your arm. Should be a good day for baseball.

7:09 PM: Both the Angels and Athletics won today. After the excruciating way we lost the last two days and the brutal stretch we have coming up, we need to start string together some wins.

7:10 PM: I never get tired of saying this. Now on the hill American League ERA Leader Doug Fister!

7:11 PM: Another sparse crowd today. It isn’t like the majority of people had the day off or anything.

7:12 PM: Mariners rockin the white hats with the American flag in the logo for Memorial Day. I like them

7:13 PM: Four pitches for the Fist, two strikes two outs. The way Fister works is just a joy to watch.

Now up Joe Mauer who is hitting under .400 against the Mariners. Good to see we pitch him well.

7:14 PM: Ground out to second. 8 pitches and inning over. Magically Fister’s ERA doesn’t drop that much. Now we get to watch Fancisco, who I really liked watchin in 2007. He was one of my best Fantasy pick-ups of the year. Unfortunately I got him the next year too. Good to see him back, well about 80% back.

7:15 PM: Good to see that we got some production from are catcher yesterday, and he is back on the bench. Another three hours of Rob Johnson. Oh boy.

7:16 PM: Ichiro batting .353 against Liriano. Liriano knows how to get him out it sounds like.

7:17 PM: Liriano throwing 94 and a biting slider. Maybe he is more than 90% back. Strikes out Figgins on three pitches. His arm slot is back where it was. This is going to be a pitchers duel.

7:18 PM: Liriano is making the Mariners hitters look foolish. Not that is news or anything.

7:20 PM: Gutierrez hit’s a double off the wall in Left Field. That is one talented man. Not too bad too look at either.

7:21 PM: Milton the Mumbler up now batting from the right hand side. He is playing Left Field today and Sweeney is the DH. With Tui at first this is a heavy right handed line-up against the left handed Liriano.

7:22 PM: Bradley K’s looking. And doesn’t agree with the call. But he doesn’t throw anything or yell at the umpire, looks like the anger management classes are paying off for the Mumbler. End of the first 0-0

7:23 PM: I wonder how many times Nieuhaus says at the knees for a strike with Fister. And Morneau hit’s a double off the wall. No wonder he is leading the league in batting average.

7:25 PM: Jim Thome up to bat. With his 569 Homeruns. He takes three pitches and then walks back to the dugout. Fister struck someone out. Wow!! I think that Thome was surprised that Fister challenged him.

7:26 PM: Nieuhaus thinks it is strike three when is only strike two. And on the next pitch Cuddyer singles up the middle to score Morneau. Dave still thinks he should have struck out on a 3-1 pitch.

7:28 PM: Fister working quickly and effectively so far. Even though he gave up a run the only mistake so far has been the double to Morneau.

7:29 PM: Jason Kubel, who Dave says absolutely murders the Mariners flies out to the Mumbler in left field.

7:30 PM: Delmon Young hit’s a homerun into the bullpen. As soon as it left the bat Fister knew it was gone. 3-0 Twins already. I think this will be the last time we hear American League ERA Leader Doug Fister

7:31 PM: Another flyout to Franklin. Middle of the second 3-0

7:32 PM: Just asked Zem if he wanted to add anything. His response. “Twins are a very good baseball team.” Man of few words.

7:33 PM: And now up the Mariners best hitter of 2010, a non-roster invitee who only made the team because he hit like .900 in Spring Training, and then he didn’t play at all the first six weeks of the season. Oh, and he leads the team in Homeruns too. What a great offense we have. Sweeney strikes out.

7:34 PM: Now up Lopez. No one on base. I’d bet dollars to doughnuts he gets a hit here.

7:35 PM: Lopez’s batting average is up to his playing weight .228. Oh and he singles to left field. Why can’t he do this when someone is on base.

7:36 PM: Now up the paperboy Josh Wilson. Is there a better nick-name for him than the paperboy. Not only does he look like he is 12 but he has got a cannon for an arm, throwing all those lasers from shortstop. I like Josh at short, I’m gonna miss him if Jack ever comes back. He singles to right field. Lopez gets to Third. First and Third with one out. Rob Johnson now up in a clutch situation. My hopes are not high.

7:38 PM: Rob takes a fastball for a strike. Rob takes a slider for a strike. Rob swings at a slider in the dirt. I think Rob is the only one who didn’t know a slider was coming there. Does anyone need a catcher?

7:39 PM: Tui up to bat now. Runners on the corners, two out. Tui strikes out on a slider. The black hole on the bottom of our line-up continue to not produce. This line-up is pathetic.

7:43 PM: Three strikes on Denard Span and another strike out for Fister. He is always around the strike zone.

7:45 PM: Ground ball to the Paperboy. He has great footwork and a strong arm. Now up Joe Mauer.

7:46 PM: Another groundball to Figgins. The 1-2-3 hitters are combined 0-6 now. And they are still up 3-0 That is why this team is so good they have so much balance in their line-up 1-9. Unlike the Mariners.

7:48 PM: Just saw a commercial for the Marines. A big shout out to all of the people who are or were in the Armed Forces. Thank you for representing our country.

7:49 PM: Second time through the line up for the Mariners. And it is looking a lot like the first time through as Ichiro grounds out again.

7:50 PM: At least Figgins saw a ball this at-bat. And made contact!! Even if it was a foul ball. Gotta look at the bright side of things here. And he got a base hit. Alright let’s see if they can do something with the top of our line-up cause we won’t get anything from the bottom.

7:53 PM: Gutierrez changes his facial hair weekly. Now he is rockin the straight goatee. Solid if unspectacular choice.

7:55 PM: Hit and run. Executed perfectly as Franklin grounds it right to where the second baseman was. Again the Mariners have first and third and one out. The Mumbler is up to bat. I am slightly more optimistic then when Rob Johnson was up to bat.

7:58 PM: The Mumbler hit’s the ball, something Johnson couldn’t do. Fielders choice and Figgins scored. 3-1 Twins. Sweeney up to bat one on two out.

8:00 PM: Sweeney strikes out again on three pitches. Needless to say he looks a little lost out there.

8:01 PM: I want one of those Mariner hats!!

8:02 PM: Ah Dave Sims is back. Even he is wearing the white hat. And another hit for Morneau. That is a hitter.

8:03 PM: Thome up to bat. As soon as he hit the ball on the ground you know it was going to be a double play. I think he is the slowest man in the American League.

8:04 PM: Cuddyer hits an absolute tee-shot on the first pitch. Fister needs to stop throwing the first pitch fastball.

8:05 PM: Fister throws a first pitch fastball. And Kubel hits another homerun. Two pitches two fastballs two moon shots.

8:06 PM: He starts Delmon Young off with a curve ball. Throws a fastball and he hit’s a double to right center just out of the reach of Franklin the Great.

8:07 PM: More damage done from the bottom of the line-up. This team is solid. A fly-out to center and Franklin makes a sliding catch. After missing the one before you knew he was going to get to that one. Middle of the fourth and it is 5-1 Minnesota. I am not optimistic.

8:09 PM: Lopez up no one on. Again my money is on him getting on base.

8:10 PM: And that is why I don’t gamble anymore. Groundout to shortstop. One out

8:11 PM: The umpire is very deliberate and slow in his strike call. And a hit for the Paperboy!! He is 2-2. But now Rob Johnson is up to bat. With one out. Double play anyone? Strike out anyone? I’ll give ya even money it’s gonna be one of those two things.

8:13 PM: The only reason why it wasn’t a double play is because the second baseman isn’t their everyday second baseman and threw it in the dirt to Morneau. He couldn’t come up with it and Johnson is safe. Tui up now.

8:15 PM: Tui grounds out to short. The 8-9 hitters are hitting under .200. You think that it can’t continue like this but I assure you. It can. Going to the fifth down 5-1. Oh and we both have six hits. The Twins have five extra base hits and the Mariners one.

8:17 PM: Top of the order for the Twins up in the fifth. If the pattern holds should be an easy inning for the Fist.

8:18 PM: Another strike-out for Fister on Span.

8:19 PM: I think Fister needs to approach every hitter as the first three hitters for the Twins. They are now a combined 0-8.

8:20 PM: Fister’s fastball has so much movement. Reminds me of Greg Maddux. Pinpoint control too.

8:22 PM: Even when Mauer gets out he hit’s the ball hard. The firs three hitters for the Twins now 0-9. Another easy inning for the Fist. With the way our bullpen is in shambles we need him to go deep. Need a couple low pitch innings. And of course we need to start hitting. Top of the lineup up in the bottom of the Fifth. Need at least two runs her boys come on now!!

8:24 PM: Zem and myself are convinced that the Mariners put microphones in our apartment before we moved in. Blowers and Sims always say something about 15 seconds after we do.

8:25 PM: Ground ball to Cuddyer, who again isn’t the normal second baseman and it jumps up on him. Lead-off guy on base for the Mariners for the second time.

8:26 PM: Figgins hit’s a line drive to left center. First and Third nobody out. Gotta love when the first two guys are on. Now bring them home Franklin!!

8:28 PM: Liriano’s arm slot is starting to get up a little bit. Looks like he is losing a little velocity. Slider is still nasty though as Gutierrez waves through a 2-1 pitch.

8:29 PM: Ichiro scores on a wild pitch. Now that is the Fransisco Liriano I know. Figgins also advances to second. 5-2 now.

8:32 PM: And the worst tradition for the Mariners continues as Mike Blowers hands out the Rally Fries. What a stupid tradition that is. People make stupid signs that get in the way of people watching the game.

8:33 PM: Bradley gets the job done again. Two RBI’s for the Mumbler today. I like him in the clean up hole he knows how to get people home.

8:34 PM: End of the fifth 5-3 Twins. They got the two runs that I mentioned earlier. I really like how this team listens to me. Now for the love of god Fister don’t let Morneau get on base band hold them this inning.

8:36 PM: The Mariners have out hit the Twins but are losing. They are way more clutch. Simple as that.

8:37 PM: Ladies and Gentlemen at 8:37 PM on May 31, 2010 the Mariners got Justin Morneau out. Mark this day down, it is a monumental day in history.

8:38 PM: Jim Thome is struggling today. Two strikeouts and a double play. Ouch

8:39 PM: We are in the sixth inning and Doug Fister has thrown 19 balls. Can he teach Ian Snell how to be economical with his pitches!!

8:39 PM: Another quick inning for Fister. They listen to me! Ok with Lopez and then Wilson let us shoot for one run this inning!

8:41 PM: Jose Lopez leads off his third inning of the game. That isn’t a good sign for Mike Sweeney. Oh well he is still one of the best hitters on our team.

8:43 PM: Dave Sims says the Mariners have to play on Memorial day the Fourth of July and Labor day. I wonder if Dave Sims has a family.

8:44 PM: Lopez leads off and grounds out. God he is frustrating.

8:46 PM: Josh Wilson strikes out. But even when he strikes out at least he strike out swinging. Now up the AAAA Catcher Rob Johnson. I can’t call him a major leaguer. It hurts too much.

8:47 PM: Rob Johnson now 0-his life this year when the team needs him to get on base to keep the inning going. His batting average with two outs has gotta be lower than the SPF he uses when he tans. He does have a nice base though.

8:49 PM: The Fist is learning. Didn’t start Kubel off with a fastball. And he didn’t hit it into Qwest Field. We are onto something now!!

8:50 PM: And now 8 in a row retired by the Fist. Dave Sims love saying how many hitters a pitcher has retired in a row and where each person was born and raised. Quick two outs for the Fist in the Seventh. This is what we needed from him after the bullpen debacle that was Sunday afternoon.

8:53 PM: Fister gets Punto to pop up to Gutierrez, who has been busy today. Even though he hasn’t been sharp he gets through seven. Rowland-Smith take notes!!

8:54 PM: And now a great version of God Bless America on Memorial Day. Thanks again to our troops for everything you do!! Classy move by FSN leaving it on there and not taking the extra commercial time. Good work Fox!!

8:56 PM: 9-1-2 For the Mariners in the 7th. Liriano is out and in is Jesse Crain. The Mariners chances to win just improved. I think. Although Crain just blew a first pitch fastball passed Tui at 96.

8:58 PM: Tui strikes out on a curveball. He needs to get the bat off his shoulder. Now up Ichiro. We really need to get something going here boys!

8:59 PM: Ichiro hit’s a rocket to Cuddyer who normally plays in Right Field. The versatility of the Minnesota Twins is just one of the reasons why this team is so good.

9:00 PM: 8 words you don’t wanna hear if you are a Mariner fan in a close game: “Ryan Rowland-Smith warming up in the pen”

9:02 PM: Easy inning for the Twins. This is the inning we had to do something. If the Mariners are getting something done it has to be through Ichiro and Figgins. With the way it is looking they wont be up again.

9:04 PM: Fister still in and it is the 8th inning, and he hasn‘t been sharp. This is what a starting pitcher is supposed to do is get you deep, even when he doesn‘t have his best stuff. Denard Span the first batter in the top three to get a hit for the Twins tonight.

9:06 PM: Fister gets J.J. Hardy to hit into a double play. Fister’s day is done as the Hyphen is coming in against Mauer and Morneau. Thank god no one is on base.

9:09 PM: Hyphen has an ERA over 7 and is going against two of the top hitters in baseball.

9:10 PM: Baseball is a funny thing. Hyphen struggling and Mauer is Mauer and he gets him out. You can never predict it.

9:11 PM: The middle of the Mariner order is coming up. Need some firepower here boys!!

9:13 PM: Gutierrez flies out. We got to get the leadoff guy on!! The chances of scoring a run just dropped by 30%

9:14 PM: Dave Sims being Dave Sims. Telling me that the hats are on sale at the Mariner Team Store and that Matt Guerrer is born in Cleveland and Lives in Minneapolis. He does that at least three times a night, listen to it you will see!

9:15 PM: Sweeney strikes out on three pitches again. Boy when you need the team to grind out at-bats the meat of the order goes feebly into the night. Now the top of the 9th and down 5-3.

9:18 PM: Hyphen meet Justin Morneau. Justin Morneau meet double down the right field line. That wasn’t a good match-up.

9:19 PM: Hyphen gives up a rocket single to right center by Jim Thome. First and Third no out. If Figgins was taller than 5’ 6” he would have gotten that. And the Hyphen is out and in comes wild thing, Brandon League. With two on and none out. I think this goose is just about cooked.

9:22 PM: Ground ball to third base. Lopez makes the right decision (WOW!!) and throws home. Rob Johnson goes to tag Morneau and drops the wall (not a wow) and almost scores but wild thing covers home and they get Morneau. Another reason why AAAA catcher Rob Johnson is in a little over head. He can’t hold onto the ball.

9:24 PM: Kubel grounds to third base. Get the runner at second. Delmon Young grounds to third. That is three straight ground balls to Jose Lopez who made three good plays. Lopez at third is so much better than Lopez at second!!

9:25 PM: Mariners and Wild Thing hold the Twins scoreless and we go to the bottom of the ninth down 5-3. Lopez, Wilson, and AAAA catcher Rob Johnson up to bat. We might have a Griffey sighting.

9:27 PM: Jon Rauch is in the game now for the Twins ready to close. I never would have thought that once Nathan gets injured Jon Rauch would be a great closer for one of the best teams in baseball.

9:28 PM: Leading off Jose Lopez. We really need him to get on base and he does!! Leadoff double!! Lopez I don’t hate you so much anymore.

9:29 PM: The Paperboy comes through!! Single up the middle 5-4 now!! Josh Wilson you are a stud!

9:30 PM: And now Griffey up to bat. The fans are loving this. Griffey really needs to get a hit here so he can get back on the good side of the Mariner Fans. That really want to root for him.

9:31 PM: And Griffey grounds out but again a bad throw on a turn and Griffey is safe at first. In comes Michael Saunders to run for Griffey and Casey Kotchman to pinch-hit for Tui. The lefties are making their appearances now and we need them to through.

9:33 PM: Kotchman hit’s a line drive right to Morneau who touches first and then throws to second for the game-ending double play. And we lose 5-4.

9:34 PM: Mariners now 19-31 and Fister gets the lost. He didn’t pitch great but he gave the bullpen a rest and went into the 8th. Liriano’s arm slot was not as low as it was in 2007 but it was still low enough to where he will be injured come July. And that is now three straight losses and a 1-3 record on this stretch of 20 games in 20 days where we have got to make up some ground!! With Vargas on the hill tomorrow it will be interesting to see if he can kill this losing streak and start getting it in the W column for the good guys.

Good Games for the Mariners: Figgins, Lopez, Wilson, League
Bad Games for the Mariners: Hyphen, Sweeney, Tui, AAAA Catcher Rob Johnson

BTM Signing Out!!

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