Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reflections On Another Opening Day Defeat

I don't like how it seems the Seahawks offense is getting out-everythinged in the first half of games.

Russell Wilson was average at best, he's got a lot of the same problems short quarterbacks have.  The receivers needed to make plays, but he needed to get the ball in places where its easier to make those plays.

JR Sweezy starting at RG was a collossal mistake. Darnell Dockett took his lunch, knocked him on his ass and pissed in his face, the entire game.

This offense goes how the offensive line goes, and Sunday, that was nowhere.

Disappointed in the pass rush in the first half and in that last drive by Kolb. The game winning drive was embarassing, after all this talk about the defense taking the "leap", that happens. Disgusting.

Marshawn Lynch did a hell of a job, especially considering he was playing injured.

Russell Okung might be the worst September offensive tackle in the NFL, good thing the month ends.

The playcalling wasn't as bad as everyone says it is, the execution was terrible. It wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible.

Leon Washington kept the Hawks in the game.

I'd love it if we could bring it for 60 minutes, not 30. 

Lastly, the Dallas Cowboys have to be drooling, especially looking at the Seahawks offense.  But, strange things happen to visitors in Seattle.

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