Friday, September 14, 2012

NFL Picks Week 2

Missed getting the pick in for Bears Packers, thought it was a toss up, but the Packers really embarassed that overhyped Chicago offense.  The Bears have had offensive line problems since 2007. Some things don't change.

Kansas City at Buffalo: Two teams that got embarassed last week. I think Buffalo is just as bad as they looked last week and Kansas City will pound the ball at them at knock Fitzpatrick around.

Kansas City 34-28

Cleveland at Cincinnati: Conventional wisdom says the Bengals destroy the inept Browns.  But, the Browns have a pesky defense that people ignore because their offense is a joke.  Bengals win this, but its closer than you think.

Bengals: 21-17

Vikings at Colts: These teams suck. Expect a lot of points though as neither team could shut down a Big Sky conference offense. Luck will have a big day, but so will Peterson, Ponder and the gang.

Vikings 38-31

Oakland at Miami: Miami at home in September used to mean something. Oakland was a competent backup long snapper away from winning last week and the Marlins have their own park, which means no infield dirt in Miami this year.  Oh, and Tannehill sucks.

Oakland 28-10

Arizona at New England: I anticipate the Cardinals making this a low scoring affair for a quarter and a half.  Then Brady figures out the blitz heavy Cards defense and makes it into a laugher.

Patriots 31-10

Tampa Bay at New York Giants: The Giants have sat around for a whole week listening to everyone tell them they suck.  A normal Super Bowl champ would come out and destroy a middling Tampa Bay team by four touchdowns.  But the Giants never follow logic anyway.

Tampa Bay 24-21

Baltimore at Philadelphia: Vick threw four picks to the Browns, the Ravens looked damn near unbeatable against the Bengals.  I think Philly moves the ball a little, but the turnover festival continues, and Baltimore's offense continues to roll on.

Ravens 34-24

New Orleans at Carolina: I feel like this year is a massive reality check for Cam Newton and I can't imagine the Saints play much worse defensively than they did last week.

Saints 28-20

Houston at Jacksonville: Blaine Gabbert against the Texans defense? Yikes, this could get ugly.

Houston 23-7

Dallas at Seattle: The Cowboys defense is almost exactly like the Cardinals defense, but more aggressive and more talented. The Seahawks swinging gate blocking scheme resulted in Russell Wilson to run for his life. The Seahawks struggle with quick receivers that explode out of cuts.  The Cowboys receivers do exactly that. The Seahawks are playing at home, disregard all previous statements.  Calling homerism on this one.

Seahawks 17-16

Jets at Steelers: The Jets aren't as good as they looked and the Steelers aren't as bad as they looked.  Reality check time for the heartless Jets and the quarterback melodrama heats up after a week off.

Steelers 31-14

Detroit at San Francisco: I think Detroit actually moves the ball a little bit against the 49ers.  This should be a good game, but I'd take Harbaugh after Schwarz any day.

49ers 24-21

Denver at Atlanta: This is where Atlanta looks really good again and everyone talks about them being one of the best in the NFC, then the rest of the season happens.

Atlanta 38-28

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