Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pac 12 Preview: Arizona State

Last year it wouldn't have been a stretch to say Arizona State had the most talent in the Pac 12. Unfortunately, they were easily the most undiscplined and lazy team as well.  Arizona State succumbed to their annual late season malaise after a solid start, which included with a dominating trucking of powerful USC, stumbled haphazardly into a bowl game and unceremoniously annihilated by Boise State.  Luckily for everyone, except for the bars and golf courses in Tempe, Dennis Erickson was fired.  As is the norm when a coach is fired, the complete opposite of the previous coach is hired.  Well, not entirely, Todd Graham is as much of a job hopper as Dennis was, even more so. However, he is a disciplinarian who is instilling those old school buzz words, toughness, discipline, work ethic. My guess is he will run into a bit of resistance from guys who were used to the country club atmosphere of the Dennis Erickson era. Despite a lot of talent, they don't have a quarterback, and I'm not sure Graham's system is a perfect fit for the talent is there.

Here's a look at the schedule:
Sept. 1 -- Northern Arizona: Win
8 -- Illinois: Win
15 -- @Missouri: Loss
22 -- Utah: Loss
29 -- @Cal: Loss
Oct. 11 -- @Colorado: Win
18 -- Oregon: Loss
27 -- UCLA: Win
Nov. 3 -- @Oregon State: Loss
10 -- @USC: Loss
17 -- Washington State: Win
23 -- @Arizona: Win

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