Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kentucky vs Lousville Running Diary

Here we are running diary, I'm picking Kentucky by double digits in this one.

3:17: Missed the first two minutes, Kentucky up 8-2, doing what Kentucky does best, blocking shots, snatching rebounds and running the floor. Pitino steps away from the spaghetti buffet to call timeout.

3:21: The court looks terrible, like its a St. Patty's day special. Let's count how many times Clark Kellogg says "High Octane".

3:22: Siva's a local boy, but I think this is a mismatch for him.

3:23: Kentucky getting sloppy, Louisville taking advantage. Cue the endless T.V. Timeout.

3:27: Silky smooth jump hook from Davis. 14-6 UK.

3:29: Shaky charge call against Gilchrist, the flopping epidemic continues. Terrence Jones with a transition dunk after Lousville blows their second dunk of the half.

3:31: UK foul on a three point shot. Terrence Jones needs to learn the art of the closeout.

3:33: UK is dominating inside, but the guards are jacking up jumpers. Youth.

3:37: 18-10 UK, as is the norm in these domed stadiums, the three point shots are clanging horrificly off the rim.

3:42: 22-12, sloppy game, the fighting Pitino's are fighting, but are going to have to get hot and UK is going to have to wear down for this to be a game in the second half.

3:46: Can Clark Kellogg stop calling a DQ a "Dairy Queen", it's not clever. He's obviously spending too much time with Jim Nance.

3:48: As Al Mcguire would say, "Too much french pastry for Kentucky!" Then they hit Davis on a ridiculous alley oop. Good with the bad.

3:51: Louisville starting to figure out Kentucky defensively. 26-20, time out.

3:56: You have to stop the ball, easiest layup I've seen by Kentucky.

3:59: Louisville getting all the calls right now, scrappy effort right now and with these calls, it's 31-27 UK.

4:00: Token white guy for Kentucky stymies a run with a cold blooded three and leads a fast break leading to a foul. Kentucky was losing their head a little bit. Let's see if they settle down a little now.

4:03: 35-28 Kentucky at halftime. Louisville grinded their way back into it. Should be an interesting second half.

4:26: This is not a well played game as far as fundamentals go.

4:32: It's "unsung" not "undersung" Clark. 41-32 UK. Steal, dunk. 43-32: UK.

4:41: Louisville staggering around the ring, waiting to get knocked out, and Kentucky is letting them hang around. Now they've got it down to single digits. 46-38

4:46: Terrence Jones has a little Chris Webber to him, that's not a compliment.

4:47: Louisville with a couple tip jam dunks, Kentucky can't grab a rebound, turning over the ball, down to 46-42, timeout Kentucky. Louisville has been killing Kentucky on the boards, they aren't trying to out jump Davis and Jones for rebounds, they are tipping it out and getting it to their guards. Definitely the smarter team today. Kentucky isn't anticipating the attempted shot blocks and failing to rotate to the weak side.

4:54: Kentucky is getting tired, if Louisville keeps at them, Kentucky might break around the five minute mark. 49-46. 9 min left.

4:57: Siva ties it with a three, Kentucky assaults the offensive boards, takes the lead. This is turning into one hell of a game. Kidd-Gilchrist with a spin and a dunk. 53-49. Timeout Pitino. Three times today either Calipari or Pitino have called a timeout right before the T.V. timeout.

5:04: Louisville laying some stiff picks right now. Did Kellogg just call Louisville Syracuse??

5:06: Kentucky hits a dagger from three point land. Louisville had just missed a couple layups. Bam, 58-51. Terrence Jones just realized that he was playing a game in that last sequence. Flying around and being a million times more aggressive than he was the rest of the game.

5:09: 60-51, Louisville ice cold.

5:17: 63-57, 1:29 left, another turnover by Kentucky, Louisville climbs out of the grave again! Kentucky missing free throws and Louisville is relentless.

5:18: Anthony Davis, a ridiclous one handed dunk. 65-58, Siva comes back with an airballed three. Less than a minute left. Louisville burns their last timeout.

5:21: Louisville doesn't foul, Kentucky gets a couple of easy dunks. That's the ball game, Anthony Davis, wait, Kentucky beats Louisville 69-61. Great effort by Louisville, just didn't have the firepower to beat Kentucky. Pitino coached a hell of a game.


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